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Seems like I got stop by every traffic light this morning! Annoying!!!!

  • 25.0mi
  • 610ft
  • 1:15:26
    Moving Time
  • 883


  1. Barron H.

    That's why we ride in the desert 🤓

  2. Christopher Terry

    Who stops at traffic lights?

  3. Barron H.


  4. Duwand "Cheetah" Damon

    Normally I'm going thru the traffic lights but today the traffic was on steroids! Wish I could in the desert but at like 70 degrees Lol!

  5. Christopher Terry

    Man I made good eye contact with somebody when I was rolling up to a yield sign where I had the right of way. They looked right at me and blew the sign. That would have had me shook but it was last intersection before my house.

  6. Barron H.

    We'll be in the 70s next month. Rode trip 🤓👍

  7. Duwand "Cheetah" Damon

    I'll be in LA at the end of this month.