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Vista Amado + Lupine

  • 45.1mi
  • 2,864ft
  • 2:59:01
    Moving Time
  • 1,750


  1. John Mueller

    Nice job up Lupine!!

  2. Ballou 🅥

    BOOM! With big watts come 🏆

  3. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Thanks John Mueller! It's been a while since I did Amado Vista and Lupine. We need to ride together soon. Thanks Ballou 🅥! I wasn't sure what my wattage was I just wanted to get to the top 😂

  4. Walter F.
    Walter F.

    Keep the inspiration going!!

  5. Sammy Borlovan

    George did you enjoy Lupine?

  6. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Thanks Walter Ford! I'm actually the one being inspired by you.

  7. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Sammy Borlovan, I really enjoyed the ride today including Lupine. It brought back a lot of sweet memories. When are you getting back on the bike so we can do some rides.

  8. Krish S.
    Krish S.

    Great job!

  9. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Thanks Krish S! I need to ride with you in Roseville one of these days!