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I am an ugly mofo on the best of days. Yesterday was not one of them.

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  1. Raoul G.
    Raoul G.

    Wow. Now that's a memorable selfie!

  2. Mark T.
    Mark Talmer

    Mushmouth from the old Fat Albert cartoon that I used to watch as a kid comes to mind, thanks for the throwback memories
    Stung 1 time is an accident, 2 or more times in one season indicates you left icing on your face from the Danish, they are attracted to sweetness ya know

  3. Richard G.
    Richard Goyette

    Yeah - it got worse from there until the ER administered the epipen and then it got better quickly. I could hardly see because the swelling was closing my eyelids.

  4. Katie K.
    Katie Kinnear

    ugh scary! hope u are feeling better today

  5. Richard G.
    Richard Goyette

    I pissed them off by knocking their nest out of a maple tree with my roof rake. I was wearing a winter jacket, long pants, a hood, etc but 1 bastard found the exposed flesh of my face and got me good.

  6. George D.
    George D.


  7. Paul D.
    Paul Dick

    Yikes glad to hear you ok. My father had a friend that died from such a incident. Picture reminds me of Homer Simpson!

  8. Brian T.
    Brian Trimby

    Damn stay away from those things. And maybe get yourself an epipen for mt rides!

  9. Dara A.
    Dara Ambrose

    Oh boy - did you know you were allergic to them before this?

  10. Richard G.
    Richard Goyette

    Nope no idea. The doctor told me that the more times you get stung the worse you will react. Bummer.