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PN St7 Recon w/8 Stitches in my Knee. Ain't nuffin... Don't worry it feels good :)

  • 115.2km
  • 1,686m
  • 3:53:00
    Moving Time
  • 95
    Suffer Score


  1. Heather O.
    Heather O.

    What happened?

  2. Kevin K.
    kevin kelly

    great going 

  3. Mika G.
    Mika G.

    Get well soon.

  4. Eliu A. R.
    Eliu A. R.

    get well tough girl

  5. Fraser B.
    Fraser B

    tough sport :\ hope it heals soon !!!!!!!

  6. Dave C.
    Dave Cairncross

    Way to "rub some dirt in it" as they say :D

  7. Mike 'Geekona Bike' K.
    mike 'GeekonaBike' kunnecke

    gettin all NYC 'Forget about it'

  8. Rodney I.
    Rodney I.

    Gettin all Frankenstein... scars tell more than tat's

  9. Eugene  B.
    Eugene B.

    I love the fact that u still can get PR's with stitches

  10. Jeffrey P.
    Jeffrey Petersen

    ONLY 5,531 climbed with those 8 stitches...  But I still gave you kudos.

  11. Ray D.
    Ray D.

    Good recovery. You did great last WE. Looking forward to a fabulous season

  12. Kent Y.
    Kent Yount

    Hang in there Taylor Looking forward to you having a great season

  13. Michael M.
    Michael Moore

    Keep on killin it

  14. Rick M.
    Rick M

    Stitchs will cause drag. That might be the only way to slow you down:)

  15. Michael C.
    Michael C.

    Feeling your pain. Had an off myself this week and the carbon on my Empires is wrecked. Gutted!

  16. Jamie D.
    Jamie D.

    nice ride taylor