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exploring new hampshire's gravel roads on the rlt9steel.

  • 96.5mi
  • 6,562ft
  • 6:20:29
    Moving Time
  • 3,498
  • 154
    Suffer Score


  1. Loren Buck

    Damn, Andre...you are putting in the miles!

  2. Lava Monkey

    It's time to make the final push to 10,000, my last cycling goal for 2017. Last year I finished 10,000 in very late November, northern Germany, snow on both sides of the road, sketchy. Not this year! Done by the end of October for sure.

  3. Libby Sergi

    U r riding my stomping grounds. We were there last month :)

  4. Lava Monkey

    But I want to add, New Hampshire is non-stop hills with many steep climbs! I earned the last two days.

  5. Lava Monkey

    Which town Libby? Didn't know u were from the east.

  6. Lava Monkey

    Maybe I did know, and forgot, Jeff certainly gives an east impression ... in a good way.

  7. Jeff Sergi

    Libby is from Hopkinton. If you need any bike help , Cyclesmith in Henniker. NH is a great place to ride

  8. Libby Sergi

    Yes I grew up ski racing at Mt Sunapee. Jeff and I just spent a week riding Bradford/Newbury area as we were at Lake Sunapee too.

  9. Lava Monkey

    I could use an expert tune-up, the gravel is rattling the rlt with no mercy. Perhaps I should slow down? Hell no.