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Nomads to Surrey Hills

  • 100.6mi
  • 6,486ft
  • 5:37:22
    Moving Time
  • 3,920
  • 243
    Relative Effort


  1. Dave Chalk

    What a good looking bunch 😊

  2. Ian Kentsley

    You did it, one up on Malcolm!

  3. Julian Gaston

    well done guys hope to be back with the Nomads in two weeks time.

  4. Kev Witton - URDT

    Ian Kentsley you look really happy! 😂

  5. Ian Kentsley

    Missing you Kev😁

  6. Kev Witton - URDT

    Ahh missed you too! 😘

  7. Phil Hampton

    Great effort making it up to the Ton Gary!

  8. Malcolm F.

    Fancy another century Saturday?

  9. Gary Jones

    Sorry Malcolm Fisher but I've not got time for a long ride now until end of first week of October. Had to get that one in otherwise I'd not be able to complete September's century. I'm still on track for one every month.

  10. Malcolm F.

    I've got to get mine done this weekend! Haven't planned October as yet.