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Mt. Umunhum Trail. Bald Mt Parking - Bald Mt - Mt Umunhum back to Bald Mt. parking. Cool, foggy 60F.

  • 9.3mi
  • 1,289ft
  • 1:27:13
    Moving Time
  • 9:21/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,353


  1. Christine Hauser

    Cool pictures!! Sun & fog ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  2. Harrison Blackwood

    When I got near the summit it was all fog. The summit was clear by 9:30am. Next time I may hang out longer.

  3. Thomas Braun

    Was it very crowded?

  4. Harrison Blackwood

    I read gates opened at 7am. I got to Bald Mt. parking at 7:40. I was one of 4 cars. Most drivers were going to summit. When I got to the summit the upper parking was almost full. I saw 2 open spots. The trail was almost empty going up. 5 MTBs, about 6 hikers. Going down on trail same amount of hikers and 3 runners going up.
    Get there early, 7:30 am to beat crowds for the next week or so. Although early can mean lots of fog.

  5. Harrison Blackwood

    The Hicks Rd parking lot was full when I drove by at 7:30. Anyone running from Hicks to the summit may need to park in Quicksilver across the street.

  6. Thomas Braun

    Thanks! Hope to go up soon.

  7. David Carroll

    I want to see the club start a "Mt. Umunhum Challenge" trail race: Hacienda entrance to the summit.

  8. Harrison Blackwood

    David Carroll that would be a great idea for a trail challenge.

  9. David Carroll

    This is totally awesome. I've been fascinated with that cube since I was a kid. And we now have a great vert trail climb nearby.

  10. Nina Giraudo ๐ŸŒ„๐Ÿฆ‹

    David & Harrison, yesterday I met a ranger at a gas station. The ranger said he got to go to the top of the radar tower several years ago. How cool is that to be standing on top of the roof. If you guys run from QS Hacienda Entrance to Mt. U, let me know. I can't keep up...I'll say hi at the start.

  11. Harrison Blackwood

    Next week, I plan on Hicks - Barlow Rd to Mt Umunhum.

  12. Nina Giraudo ๐ŸŒ„๐Ÿฆ‹

    Harrison, how many miles (round-trip) is that if you start from Woods, Barlow & Mt. U Trail? It has been many years since I've done Barlow before it was closed. Keep me posted. I'll join if I can. I rested yesterday & today by swimming to let my hamstring/Achilles heal.

  13. Harrison Blackwood

    Strava route maker doesn't completely recognize course, but close.
    Ballpark roundtrip from Woods, Barlow to Mt U - 16 miles with 2400 ft elevation.

  14. David Carroll

    I just did it. 16.2 miles, 2,600 feet of gain

  15. Harrison Blackwood

    Cool. 26K 'The Cube" Challenge