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Gps&time fail..... but still a nice ride🌞😉

  • 223.0km
  • 1,349m
  • 5:45:06
    Moving Time


  1. Elias Hermans

    GPS lijkt me kapot...?

  2. Kees Janssen

    Yes, Track jumps back and forth all the time. An average speed of 38.8km/h in a solo ride on this terrain isn't possible, not even for a Wilco Kelderman! ;) 35km/h I guess yes...

  3. Roger Van de Wall

    Yes, Lanaken - Banneux and back are aprox 150 km

  4. Roger Van de Wall

    Ah, for the record Wilco can do 38 kmh...😉😉

  5. Tomás Cayuelas

    Fuerza wilco. Desde Murcia (Spain)

  6. Kees Janssen

    @Roger: I said "on this terrain" - yes would be "easy" for him if al streets were barred for traffic, of course ;-)

  7. Johan van der Sluijs

    Lekker opwarmertje voor zondag

  8. Ylenia Tripodi

    Nooooo 😦😦

  9. Alfredo Argentin

    Why you're not in Norway?