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03/11/2014 BIci Bucerias "Taming The Virgin" Tour

  • 167.9km
  • 4,350m
  • 7:09:03
    Moving Time
  • 5,056


  1. alb r


  2. Joel Goralski

    gracias! estoy cansado amigo

  3. Bill Booth

    Well, that just happened.

  4. Joel Goralski

    yah.. amazing ride. glad you guys like it!

  5. Charlie Squires

    did you guy's have to wade through water today?

  6. Bill Booth

    Travis rode across it but juuuust barely made it. me, Joel, and Chris hopped in the car to get across!

  7. Charlie Squires

    I thought there might be water involved. Anyway have a great race season.

  8. Joel Goralski

    The main crossing is dry as a bone. They have also graded the dirt road so it's rideable. There's a little river crossing that you can ride through but we took the CRV across. This would be a fun race. Pavement dirt cobble. 25s with a lower psi and your set

  9. Charlie Squires

    Did that route last two years ago and the dirt road wasn't fun. See you on the road. ttyl

  10. Joel Goralski

    nah... that just makes it interesting! I love drilling the dirt ... :)

  11. Bill Booth

    So Joel I don't think you saw Bob was pulled over a few k down the road from Las Palmas when you rolled by. I had flung the door open and was yawning in technicolor all over some farmer's driveway. This ride pushed me to a new limit!

  12. Joel Goralski

    I missed that. I think I was totally zoned out... Still in a fog from the mystical powers of the Virgin. I saw you guys drive by though. Hope you feel better! I'm still a little exhausted