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Velo Birmingham

  • 163.2km
  • 2,658m
  • 6:48:33
    Moving Time
  • 5,406


  1. David O.

    That looks like more than a morning ride! Fantastic

  2. James Randall

    Most definitely not an average day in the saddle! Great effort!

  3. Mark Wilson

    Thanks guys - the hardest century I've ever ridden!

  4. Karl Richardson

    Fantastic effort. Prep for the London Revolution eh?

  5. Jason H.

    Not quite sure how you appear to me have climbed 2500 ft more me! Is it because I'm taller???? Great ride mate and a fun but challenging day out!

  6. Mark Wilson

    Yeah, bit strange that... I have no idea how accurate my Garmin is on climbs but I think Strava has recalculated it overnight (since I cropped the end off the ride where I forgot to stop the Garmin). Thanks again for your support yesterday mate - great to ride with you.

  7. Mark Wilson

    ...as for London Revolution Karl, yep, I must sign up now... kind of lost the weekend in Velo Birmingham-related bike servicing and post ride knackeredness!