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Test of new Ksyrium Elite UST tubeless on SF roads: Treated to a fantastic sunset

  • 17.7mi
  • 1,640ft
  • 1:20:37
    Moving Time
  • 799


  1. scott cowan

    Better than tube-full tires?

  2. Mathew Bittleston

    @Scott: I'd say "different". When I got two flats on the TT, I started thinking about tubeless because apparently they get less flats. Then I destroyed my back rim on a pothole recently, so the opportunity presented itself.

  3. scott cowan

    No more pinch-flats, as I understand it. Maybe a few grams lighter? I've been told this matters especially for rolling weight. Makes sense. More/less supple? More/less grip? Or do those two things range similarly, based on the type of tread, regardless of tune or tubeless ?

  4. Mathew Bittleston

    @Scott: see my comments on the ride ;)

  5. scott cowan

    oh, actually pay attention to details already there? what a novel concept. Thanks.