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Holcombe duathlon Run 1st leg

Run September 24, 2017
  • 7.6km
  • 43:48
    Moving Time
  • 5:45/km
    Avg Pace
  • 765
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  1. G Raf

    How did you get on Mario ?

  2. Mario Barbosa

    I didn't do it, just run the 1st leg for fun, supporting Donna, I fell that I m more into long distances, there's a couple of long distance duathlons that I want to do this year and the three peaks running, and yorkshireman (again), also looking for some long distance runs but that I will need your help

  3. G Raf

    I think you would be helping me young man. Give me a couple of weeks injury free. Also I've never done a duathlon & wouldn't mind giving one a go. Are there any with off rd runs ?

  4. Mario Barbosa

    Holcombe is a off road run