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4,5hours of Tacx 😅Maybe I should find a hobby.

Virtual Ride
  • 162.4km
  • 1,841m
  • 4:35:53
    Moving Time
  • 4,421
  • 149
    Suffer Score


  1. Willem H.


  2. Philipp Brauchli


  3. Axel V.

    Heb je wel eten meegenomen.🥖🥖🍞

  4. Antonin L.

    Well done! I bet... 7 or 8 liters of sweat on the floor after that? ;)

  5. Erik Berendsen

    Pffff 4,5 uur.....petje af!

  6. Andy Gtacx

    Truly unbelievable wow.

  7. Rich C.


  8. Massimiliano R.


  9. Matthieu Riolet

    This is mind blowing, and ass numbing :)

  10. Ivo L.

    Record breaking. Superb!!

  11. Willem V.

    Respect 🚴🏼💨

  12. THE Nighttrain TeamODZ

    Darth Vader kit is a badge of honor on Zwift...nice job.

  13. Darren J.

    .......you could always take up cycling Robert.....100 miles on Zwift couldn't do it even with a couple of fans blowing i'd overheat...plus i get bored after 30 miles, i'll gladly do 100 miles on the road allday everyday

  14. Roger Van de Wall

    Maybe he was watching "The Giant"....? And got lost of time 😕😕

  15. Richard Otten

    Hoe doe je dat met plassen op de Tacx? Net als buiten? Gewoon langs je broekspijp? Vierenhalf uur is wat lang om op te houden

  16. Graham Robson Snr

    New hobby mmm ? I know Cycling outdoors.

  17. Rudi L.

    Gaat nog lukken, de 200km

  18. Wietse K.

    Jelle Wolsink

  19. Alberto Bonetti 🇮🇹

    162 km in Zwift that's🎾🎾🎾🎾

  20. Johan V.


  21. Roelien Akkerman-Buskes

    😱😱😱 Wow!!!

  22. Marc Montignon

    Oh !! Quelle folie !!!

  23. Bas Br

    And he’s back!

  24. Daniel Fernando

    Muito bem🚲

  25. Ronald Bakvis

    Waaaaattt! 🤤 Bikkel... 👏💪

  26. Ronald T.

    Century Achievment unlocked

  27. José Antonio Meneses García

    Ride bike, the best hobby!!!!

  28. Ronald Luyten

    This not a hobby, it's a profession 😉

  29. Sebastian Bananas

    no worries i did ones 8.5 hours

  30. Democracia Real Sostenible Drs

    why cant you ride out yet?

  31. Declan O Carroll

    Head wrecking stuff to be fair. Ffs 😃😃😃

  32. Evan-Kyle Lardinois

    Nah, youre good Robert! Too bad I dont know when you ride or I would help tug you along.

  33. Elliot V.

    Robert Gesink apparently recovery is going well!!

  34. Marcelo S.


  35. Michel Snip

    OMG! 💪🏻

  36. Kris J.


  37. Jan J.

    Van je werk je hobby gemaakt?

  38. Jeroen S.

    Knap dat je dit vol kan houden. Na 1.30 uur begin ik het echt zat te worden op de tacx...