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Audax Fleche Opperman 24hr race - Team Pane e Acqua (riders: Chris Munro, Trev Junge, Jeremy Canny-Smith, James Black, Me) (crew: Mark Trigger, Simon Maddison, James Black)

  • 731.4km
  • 2,252m
  • 22:41:25
    Moving Time
  • 16,517


  1. Cameron B.
    Cameron B.

    Amazing ride. Big kudos guys

  2. Trevor J.
    Trevor Junge

    EPIC! ;)

  3. Sneaky B.
    Sneaky B.

    Well done!

  4. Matt D.
    Matt D.

    Incredible effort Craig. Wow.

  5. Stealth M.
    Stealth M.

    Astonishing effort. Looking forward to the book. Well done

  6. Gareth E.
    Gareth Evans

    Great effort.

  7. Pete D.
    Pete D.

    This is by far the biggest effort I have ever seen on strava! Amazing stuff - well don all

  8. Georg B.
  9. Matthew #.
    Matthew #HurtLocker

    Why can't we have this up in QLD

  10. Craig F.
    Craig F.

    Check out Audax www Matthew, as far as I know the Oppy24hr ran up there too.

  11. Lance N.
    Lance N.

    Jesus, well done guys!

  12. Jon O.
    Jon O.

    Holy Shit. Just finished my first 200+ km and then I see this! You Guys are legends. Need a Mega Kudos button.

  13. Darren R.
    Darren Robinson

    well done. what a ride

  14. Jess E.
    Jess E.

    Amazing! Well done!

  15. Chris H.
    Chris H.


  16. Tim G S.
    Tim G S.

    770 next year? Great effort.

  17. John S.
    John Swain

    Shit! Australia is massive. That puts it into scale.

  18. Craig F.
    Craig F.

    I appreciate the kudos and the positive comments everyone - here's the article about the ride:http://cyclingtips.com.au/2014/03/attempting-the-oppy-24-hour-record/

  19. Steve C.
    Steve Coughlan

    After reading ur superb article Craig, I had to delete my previous embarrassingly silly comment. Hadn't realised u were actually gunning for the record. Mate, phenomenal effort by all u guys! Love this from ur article too - "But for me the biggest reason is the satisfaction that comes from attempting such a massive physical, mental, and seemingly impossible challenge by doing something as simple and beautiful as riding a bike with friends." Very moving... and brilliant. :-)

  20. Jon O.
    Jon O.

    Article fantastic. Got to say, it made me think of trying to get S.A. to have a go for the 780 kms. Loved the rest stop photo as well.

  21. Peter B.
    Peter Bolt

    Thank you for a good story

  22. Matthew #.
    Matthew #HurtLocker

    Yeah personal challange - pushing yourself is the way to go. I say qld could have a crack at this.

  23. Andrew D.
    Andrew D'Arcy

    Fine effort Craig. I'd be curious to know how you got an Edge 500 to run for 24 hours?

  24. Craig F.
    Craig F.

    Thanks Andrew. Garmin external battery pack (powermonkey).

  25. Andrew D.
    Andrew D'Arcy

    Thanks Craig. In retrospect "fine effort" isn't a strong enough superlative to describe your achievement here, Chapeau!

  26. Matt B.
    Matt B.

    109km max speed?! That's quick. Well done on a great ride.

  27. Craig F.
    Craig F.

    Certainly didn't get to 109km Matt, as the speed plot shows. Strava or Garmin glitch I think.

  28. Paul K.
    Paul K.

    Puts into context how great Oppy & co were riding their 'anchors'

  29. Craig F.
    Craig F.

    Thanks Mark. Yes we could see ahead of us to the east the lightning - we were very happy it didn't cross our path. Good luck with planning etc for 2015. Some team has to take that record down sooner or later.

  30. Michael C.
    Michael C.

    Just read the article posted on Cycling Tips. Bravo!

  31. Stefan P.
    Stefan Polak

    Holy cow!

  32. John M.
    John M.

    hi guys. I will attemp to ride a 'fleche velocio' (24H TT as you did in australia) in france on april 18. My question is : how does your  garmin device has battery enough to work for 24 hrs ? thanks for your tips ! Regards Joan

  33. John M.
    John M.

    by the way : FELICITATIONS ! Hope I'll manage too to ride for 24 hours http://www.audax-club-parisien.com/FR/index.php?showpage=352

  34. Craig F.
    Craig F.

    Good luck with your 24hr ride John - re the battery get yourself a Garmin external battery pack (Powermonkey type).

  35. Steve C.
    Steve Coughlan

    Hi Craig. Pls forgive the lengthy post I put up here next but thought u might be interested in something I just told John Miro re: making ur battery last longer. With the setup I have on the bike, my battery draining iPhone 3GS still has 100% battery left after having the Strava App running - and the screen ON - for 24 hrs (& I estimate it wld even run 40+ hrs, if needed!). I try my best to explain my setup in the next post but, like I said to John, if u want more info, feel free to email me. Cheers buddy. :-) P.S: And did u see some low-life flagged ur ride!!! Idiots!

  36. Steve C.
    Steve Coughlan

    Hi John. I thought u might find the following advice useful. :-) I use the Strava iPhone App to record my rides, but if u have a Garmin device with a USB connection this will work for u as well. Often I ride long distances over many hours (sometimes more than 24 hrs!) and am able to keep my iPhone FULLY charged - EVEN when I have the screen turned on the whole time! Like your Garmin, my iPhone is mounted permanently on the stem of my bike (I have another phone that I use as my normal mobile). I have then run a USB cable from my iPhone, down the length of my bike's top bar & connected it to a 12000mAh Portable Power Bank Charger (which cost me $ 33 AUD on eBay) which fits perfectly in the bottom of the "saddle bag" under my seat. I have cut some small holes in the back of the saddle bag which allow me to both plug the USB cable into the Power Bank AND plug the USB wall charger into the Power Bank in order to recharge it when I'm off the bike. This way I never have to take the Power bank out of the saddle bag. :-) Incidentally, I still have plenty of room in the bag for spare tubes, tools etc.. If u would like me to email u some photos which will show u exactly what I have done, email me at stevecog@ncable.net.au Always happy to help out a fellow endurance rider!! :-)

  37. Craig F.
    Craig F.

    Cheers Steve - you have that power issue sorted. Yes, we've had some repeat flagging of this ride. Curious thing about the ride record is the 109kph spike at the 111km mark. The Strava gang is helping. If they can't resolve it and block the flagger I'll have to confess, return the $1m prize money, and write a book about it. :-) Ride safe.

  38. Steve C.
    Steve Coughlan

    Geez, now I feel a tad ambivalent. On the one hand I'd hate to see u have to give back the million dollars, but on the other I really could do with a good read - and ur possibly upcoming book would've been just the ticket! ;-) I'm sure this'll get sorted out but honestly, u upload all ur training, do the ride, include all ur cadence/heart rate, etc.. in that upload, write a freakin' article in a noted cycling mag (incl. pics I might add), have corroborating evidence from fellow riders who, incidentally, don't get flagged (prob will now I've said that!)... and some ignoramus STILL thinks there's something dodgy about the activity??! Reckon someone's just f*cking with u brother. And Strava can't just simply disable the ability for ur ride to be flagged, I'd be most disappointed. Cheers mate. P.S Re: my power bank setup. Am uploading pics to imgur.com & will post the link once I'm done, should u be interested in taking a look. :-)

  39. Antonio S.
    Antonio Serrano

    OMG! Well done!

  40. Matt S.
    Matt S.

    Max speed of 109.1km/h!!!!! crazy man

  41. El F.
    el franco

    Just read the CT article. Bravo & Chapeau to all of you!!