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Clarendon Marathon - Tough Day Out

  • 26.2mi
  • 2,480ft
  • 3:48:32
    Moving Time
  • 8:44/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,061


  1. Pete Birch

    Cracking run Dan

  2. Jon Sullivan

    Mile 9. WTF?

  3. David Watson

    Outstanding - really well done.

  4. Daniel Del Piccolo

    Cheers guys. Jon....my watch is going nuts. Mile 9 reports a 72 minute mile. Really.not sure what happened there. Overall time is correct though. My watch also keeps setting itself back to 12-hour clock format. Weird. It might be out of space :-)

  5. David Harvey

    Nice! Good race? Was tempted by that one. Well done dude

  6. Daniel Del Piccolo

    Thanks! Was a really good event. Best supported marathon I've ever done. They had so many volunteers and 13 aid stations. Going to do a short write up on it later so I'll send you a link. Recommend it for next year though :)