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Polocini Hill Climb 10th overall

  • 5.4mi
  • 673ft
  • 22:33
    Moving Time
  • 246


  1. Andy G.

    Excellent result today. Mega kudos with that field. You'll be winning the local ones come September well done. Andy smiths right your unstoppable and faster than me. Your the one to watch!! Happy days!!

  2. Daniel Brejwo

    Ha ha ha don't be daft, you're definitely the one to beat atm because your times are the quickest. I'm proper chuffed about today but in truth we have no idea what level the field was at apart from them having nice bikes lol. We saw that doesn't always

  3. Daniel Brejwo

    Matter the day before when you beat loads of awesome setups! Love racing though!!

  4. Andy G.

    Me too it's a shame work gets in the way. We'd be a good road racing team me on the flats you on the hill top finishes. :-)

  5. Ben T.

    Top ride Dan, a great weekend of racing for you!

  6. Frank Smith (ELRC)

    Superb effort danny boy!!

  7. Adrian Waterhouse

    Meant to say hello but was too busy scribbling down all the finishing times, was a bit manic, well done!

  8. Kamil Waligora

    Great work Dan!

  9. Daniel Brejwo

    Aghh right adrian I thought I saw you down there. Is 7th any good in that company?? Not sure what the fields ability was like to be honest. Good set up though and fun too.

  10. Adrian Waterhouse

    quite a few good cat riders turned out and your time was very competitive, so I'd certainly be proud in your shoes.

  11. Daniel Brejwo

    Cheers everyone, still a bit early for climbing as I found out after it when I felt like I was going to cough my chest out ha ha. Still pleased for a first effort. Thanks for feedback Adrian!

  12. Daniel Brejwo

    Ha ha Adrian, just been on the site and it says 10th?? What happened there?

  13. Adrian Waterhouse

    Guess Al finished off the results in full, the ones announced initially would have been provisional. The laptop wasn't working so he was having to calculate by hand

  14. Daniel Brejwo

    Fair dos, I'll try harder next time then ha ha

  15. Callum Belfield (Team ASL Bolton)

    Well done Dan top effort there mate!

  16. Stephen Warburton

    Well done Dan turning pro next ;-)