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All-time Fav 200K — Land O’ Goshen — Fabulous fall colors still hanging on.

Ride October 5, 2017
  • 124.2mi
  • 3,933ft
  • 7:39:01
    Moving Time
  • 3,632
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  1. Jason G.

    It’s been amazing outside with the leaves changing! Great pic!

  2. David Roth

    Dude! Nice ride, howya feelin?! dr💪

  3. Bish Christensen

    Great ride!

  4. “Rando Richard” Stum

    Thanks Jason, David & Bish. D.R., feeling slow still. Hemoglobin is low...wanted to e-mail you about that separately. Bish, is your work flexible, wanna break away during the week for some training rides (next spring)?

  5. Bish Christensen

    Richard - Would love to ride with you! Work is somewhat flexible so let's look for an opportunity. Would be fun to ride in Sanpete or we could connect in south Utah County. Hope you get feeling better soon!

  6. “Rando Richard” Stum

    Bish, a local friend & I plan to get out today and ride 60+ miles, here in the county. Short notice. Join us?

  7. Bish Christensen

    Sorry! Tied up today on a home project. Keep me in mind though. Have a good ride!