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Maratona dles Dolomites 2012 - Happy with my performance

  • 138.5km
  • 3,947m
  • 5:36:34
    Moving Time
  • 4,864
  • 194
    Relative Effort


  1. Bram Schittecatte

    Impossible to get some speeds on the first three hills, I ad to slalom between hundreds of people (I passed a little more than 10.000 people today). A shame, I easily lost 15-20 minutes there. But all in all it was a great experience. What an organisation! Incredible, unlike any other event I've done before. And the surroundings, sooo beautiful! I'm definitely coming back here.
    And the result? 140 something overall, a good result, but I was secretly hoping for a top-100. Unfortunately that wasn't possible today, I had to start waay too far back.

  2. Jeroen C.

    Kan je volgend jaar dan dichter starten door je klassement nu? Toch wel een mooie prestatie!

  3. Will Cycliste

    Very well done mate. Yeah, next time you need to get up early and start at front. Fantastic result still.

  4. Geert L.

    With more than 10.000 starting being around number 140 something overall is seriously impressive none the less. Hat off to you Sir! Well done.

  5. Bram Schittecatte

    Thanks guys, it was 143 to be precise, 34th in my agegroup.

  6. Julian Cousins

    Fantastic effort. Well done!

  7. Veerle P.

    Indrukwekkend! Chapeau! :)

  8. jurgen haelewyn

    vet cool man zo'n resultaat

  9. ben yates

    hey next year they'll put you closer to the front for your start and top 100 should come easy. Well, i say easy :)

  10. Jens Hagström

    Bravissimo! This just looks crazy hard, even without the 10000 to slalom.

  11. Tiffany Hore

    Fabulous, complimenti. You are a hero and I'm very jealous! I understand my mate Jamie Burrow won the thing again...he's amazing and a great bloke too :-))

  12. Jered Gruber

    That's awesome, Bram. Congratulations! Are you sticking around for a few more days or heading back home?

  13. Bram Schittecatte

    We're heading to the Alps tomorrow for some training, the Alpe d'Huez chrono and La Marmotte on sunday. But I definitely want to come back here, I didn't know the Dolomites are so beautiful. They definitely deserve a longer visit.
    And Tiffany: Burrow was crazy fast today. Number two was 8 minutes back, nr3 (Gran Fondo legend Michel Snel) even twelve minutes. He was exactly one hour faster than me! One hour!!! on 138 km... insane!

  14. Tom de fietsbom - Squadra Tornado

    Zeer sterk, maar ik ben stiekem toch blij dat mijn tijd op de Giau (al had ik toen nog geen Garmin maar 't staat wel op de papieren van de DM 2011) nog overeind blijft. Overall waart gij wel een stuk sterker moet ik zeggen, zeker qua uitslag. Ik deed er 2-3 minuten langer over qua rijtijd.

  15. Peter V.

    Mooi gereden! Succes in de Marmotte!

  16. Julian Cousins

    It's awesome the whole sport. I mean one hour, I know your stats and 1 hour over 138km wow. And then imagine another strava rider like Ted King, what would he do?

    Have a great ride at the Marmotte, I've got friends doing that but they'll only see your behind I think!

  17. Tiffany Hore

    I sat on his wheel once so he could tow me up to the group in front on the Horizon training camp. He shouted 'stick to me!' and then...zoooom! Not sure I've ever gone so fast :) That camp inspired me to really work and Jamie takes a lot of the credit for my improvement over the past year!

  18. Murray Arthur

    Awesome effort Bram. I'm hoping we get a full writeup with some photo's at PdC once you get back as would love to hear a detailed report.

  19. Davy C.

    Bram, where can i buy your action-figures?

  20. dieter neirinck

    Sterk resultaat, proficiat ! Als je volgend jaar in een blok vooraan mag starten zit er meer dan die top 100 in !

  21. Bram Schittecatte

    Numbers: http://s17.postimage.org/fhjieeyzj/cijfertjes.jpg

  22. Ramses De Weerdt

    nice ride!! De dolomieten zijn prachtig, heb er enkel nog maar geskied :) Had vandaag wind mee op de steenbeek :)

  23. Bram Schittecatte

    Pictures: https://plus.google.com/photos/104174520160010320912/albums/5761367915856546081

  24. Jeroen C.

    machtige foto's! Wat een omgeving.... :o

  25. Will A.