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Testing 360 camera ride

  • 36.0mi
  • 1,552ft
  • 2:41:20
    Moving Time
  • 1,337


  1. Steve Rosser

    You always find the cool murals Ray.

  2. Raymond Meuse II🇺🇸

    360 cam footage going to ATL Beltline. https://youtu.be/2Nd8LnDuKHk

  3. Darcina "Diamond" G.

    Now Im dizzy looking at that 2nd photo!! What type of camera? I'm getting ready to get a GoPro % Black for FREE!!!!

  4. Raymond Meuse II🇺🇸

    Samsung gear 360 camera it came free with my note 8, part of their promotion

  5. Darcina "Diamond" G.

    FREE is the best price! Looking forward to your pics. Did you see the last video I made you have a couple of cameos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFUv_RYIfNA

  6. Raymond Meuse II🇺🇸

    Can't beat free, yes i saw the video, great vid with the music

  7. Timberley Jones

    Nice 360 is super dope. Darcina "Diamond" Gar.... what song is in the video you posted above?

  8. Darcina "Diamond" G.

    @Timberly Jones that is Cee-Lo Green, My Kind of People, 2004