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Dragon SSlayer... not a race but finished 1st on my SS

  • 80.2mi
  • 4,177ft
  • 8:33:19
    Moving Time
  • 4,115


  1. Carlos Marin

    Well señor how are you feeling now impressive 💪🚴🏾

  2. ... ~{▪️_▪️}~ ...

    Carlos Marin Like my bike & I should see other people for awhile to see if it’s meant to be, ha!

  3. Wes R.

    Wow! Great job!

  4. Noel R.

    Awesome job today!

  5. Christiane E.

    Wow! Awesomeness! 😀

  6. JA Kuperman Robble Robble

    You're an animal, bro

  7. C Baron

    Killer ride today! Especially considering you'd never even been there before 😜

  8. Tal K.

    But of course, we always knew you are number 1. Nice ride.

  9. Charley R.

    Congratulations! Outstanding.

  10. Dustin W.

    Great ride. Good meeting you today!

  11. T H.

    Nice bro, you were un-catchable today

  12. Laura Montero

    Damn. Just damn.

  13. Belvedere T.

    Nice job dude! That trail system is a beast

  14. Davis Green

    Great finally riding with you for a bit. Next time maybe I can hang around longer.

  15. Troy I.


  16. Tex A.

    Duuude! Making ASS proud! Freaking awesome.

  17. ... ~{▪️_▪️}~ ...

    Thx for all the kind congrats! Desert Nomad - Texas Cycle Werks / ATX100k put on some of best mtb events I’ve had the pleasure of ridding. This was by far my favorite I’ve done in TX.

  18. ... ~{▪️_▪️}~ ...

    Dustin Wells glad we had a chance to hang for a bit!

  19. ... ~{▪️_▪️}~ ...

    Davis Green yeah man stoked we could roll some. Let’s hit the trails again soon.

  20. Adam Shepard

    Nice going, you are the DragonSlayer!

  21. Max P.

    Beast mode, well done!