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CX abandon, calf torn

  • 2.0mi
  • 72ft
  • 10:20
    Moving Time
  • 52


  1. The P.

    How's the injury? No too bad I hope.

  2. Laura M.

    Aw man. Hope you're OK. Was a great course today. Much preferred that to last week!

  3. DMB 7

    Aye Laura was gr8 course, hopefully I will not b too long off. Quite different fr me as first real cx - u doing whole series

  4. DMB 7

    Its a recurring injury cd feel it rite from start but just kept going, until it went boom - stoopid really 😐

  5. Laura M.

    Not sure DMB 7 I hated last week and loved this week. Guess I'll do a couple more then decide if I'm doing the rest.

  6. DMB 7


  7. Midge Gaskin

    sorry to hear that david

  8. DMB 7

    thks Midge its plagued me fr about 2 yrs now

  9. Ian A.

    Ouch, speedy recovery fella!