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Andy Yu

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
  • 332
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,537.5
    miles Run in 2018
  • 138

Yorkshire Marathon 2017

Run October 8, 2017
  • 26.1mi
  • 3:00:34
    Moving Time
  • 6:54/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,882
  • 132
    Relative Effort
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  1. Barry Lloyd
    Barry Lloyd

    Great run, Andy! Congrats on your PB.

  2. Dave B.
    Dave B.

    Well done Andy. Awesome PB!!

  3. Andrew C.
    Andrew C.

    Bloody hell Andy well done. Super impressive

  4. Eriko T.
    Eriko T.

    Great run Andy! Many congratulations on your PB!!!

  5. Darryll Thomas
    Darryll Thomas

    great effort. Enjoy the downtime.

  6. Jez B.
    Jez B.


  7. Tony Cover
    Tony Cover

    Top effort, congrats 👍👍

  8. Andy Yu
    Andy Yu

    Thanks, gents! Felt bloody dreadful all day yesterday and evening, and not much better this morning. Sub-3 one day!

  9. 🤪Stephen B.
    🤪Stephen B.

    Well done Andy!

  10. Andy Yu
    Andy Yu

    Cheers, Stephen! How did you get on today? Happy?

  11. 🤪Stephen B.
    🤪Stephen B.

    3hr 49m, target was sub 4, so chuffed to bits! 👍🏻

  12. Andy Yu
    Andy Yu

    Excellent work and beat the target by huge margin!

  13. Simon Black
    Simon Black

    Congrats, cracking run and time

  14. Shaun Hemmings
    Shaun Hemmings

    Nice one, good pb.

  15. Chris Medcalf
    Chris Medcalf

    Well done Andy, good run.

  16. Scott Williams
    Scott Williams

    Great work, well done!

  17. Andy Knight
    Andy Knight

    Congrats Andy. Fantastic run

  18. David Carruthers
    David Carruthers

    Great run Andy. Congrats 💪🍻

  19. Carl Stainton
    Carl Stainton

    Well done Andy, totally Kipchoge'd it! Does this mean you will have to try again? *ducks flying crockery*

  20. Richard N.
    Richard N.

    Setting the bar high Andy. Congratulations on a great new pb. Motivation for all of us following your progress. 🏆

  21. Eric Karsenty
    Eric Karsenty

    Well done man. Great to run in a pack with you and a few others for a bit. You definitely helped me. Shame I ran out of pretty much everything around the 35km mark. You'll definitely go sub 3 very soon.

  22. Andy Yu
    Andy Yu

    Thanks everyone! Still buzzing! Eric: pleasure having you in the pack. Being in the group defo took the edge off! Rest up and recover well.

  23. Stuart Hutchison
    Stuart Hutchison

    Cracking run Andy! Well done!

  24. Andy Y.
    Andy Y.

    Quality mate, well done 👍

  25. Seth Atkin
    Seth Atkin

    Congrats on the pb. Amazing target to set yourself as well. Great running.

  26. Paul Harris
    Paul Harris

    Andy, after suffering yesterday at the Birmingham Marathon my respect for you and your time has increased ten fold! P.S. Thanks for the lucazade :-)

  27. Andy Yu
    Andy Yu

    You're very welcome, Paul! Hope the distance hasn't frightened you off for good!


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