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Box hill sportive

  • 101.4mi
  • 6,470ft
  • 5:30:13
    Moving Time
  • 4,187


  1. Andy Boyce

    Good ride Si, well done mate

  2. Simon Eden Novelo

    Glad we all got round alive

  3. Dave Chalk

    Well done Simon, nice to meet & ride with you today.

  4. Chris Piper


  5. L B.

    Jeez Si some v decent segment times there mate

  6. Alan C.

    Didn't see you. I was marshaling

  7. Jen Simpson

    Very nice too.. speedy!

  8. Simon Eden Novelo

    Oh Les Gets (ohb) Jen Simpson quite fast considering I dragged them all the way round . Lol.

  9. Simon Eden Novelo

    What spot was you in aAlan C - BECC ?

  10. L B.


  11. Alan C.

    I was at feed station 2 and the finish from 2pm

  12. Simon Eden Novelo

    Exactly the two places we stopped Alan C - BECC if that fees station was 50 miles in.

  13. Simon Eden Novelo

    I almost took everyone out on the finish line with a sprint.

  14. Alan C.

    I did see you actually... The feed station was 50miles in with tea and coffee... The finish I was hiding drinking coffee

  15. Dave Chalk

    Hey Simon, if you join my Strava club Cycling Centurions you’ll get a notification of when my report on Sunday’s ride is ready (NB: I write for Sportive.com). They’ll also be links to my video footage.

  16. Dave Chalk


  17. Simon Eden Novelo

    Nice one Dave