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Zwift - Zwift Academy: Men's Sprints

Virtual Ride
  • 45.1mi
  • 3,031ft
  • 2:39:06
    Moving Time
  • 1,997


  1. Dennis Jones

    Thanks Bro

  2. Sam Mud Johnson .

    How are you riding across the water....LOL

  3. Dennis Jones

    Under water road tunnels my friend 🤣

  4. Sam Mud Johnson .

    Ahhhhhh....I knew it

  5. Bass Reeves (J. Nick)

    He's that fast...its like a rock skipping across h2O

  6. Dennis Jones

    I'm so fast that I was dropped by Sam on a mountain biking course a few weeks ago.

  7. Sam Mud Johnson .

    You are a young man Dennis. You will be passing my old ass up very soon my friend. Keep riding hard!!!!!

  8. Dennis Jones

    I have to get my MTB bike legs back, too much roadie stuff (excuse alert)

  9. Sam Mud Johnson .

    One of the reasons I prefer MTB os the skills of negotiating terrain. I found road riding boring. I raced a lot back between 1992 and 1999. But only on MTB. Its just so much more fun.