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Almost KOM - Crash With Dumb Kid on Bike - Bonus ER Trip

  • 17.9mi
  • 315ft
  • 54:00
    Moving Time
  • 690
  • 33
    Suffer Score


  1. Jeff Elgharably

    What happened? You ok?

  2. Chris Farhood

    Some kid using his phone while riding hit me head on in spite of my yelling at him. I’m alright, bike needs some help though.

  3. Jeff Elgharably

    Ugh, man, that sucks. Goes to show you, don't text and ride. Which bike?

  4. Chris Farhood

    The allez, front wheel needs truing, might be wasted. Haven’t checked it over thoroughly yet, but it’s not shifting quite right either.

  5. Jeff Elgharably

    You went to the ER? I imagine you didn't walk away unscathed. Especially knowing how fast you normally ride.

  6. Chris Farhood

    Yea I was seeing stars so I got checked out. I wasn’t going that fast, maybe 15-16. Kid was weaving back and forth across the sidewalk coming at me, I yelled at him, tried to go around him in the grass and he swerved left right in to me. I’ll just ride in Coolidge next time I guess.

  7. Jeff Elgharably

    Ouch. Well, I guess you're the king with a broken crown. Grats on the KOM, despite the high cost.

  8. Chris Farhood

    I didn’t even really kom! I tied! I’d give that shit back in a heartbeat to not feel like I got hit by a truck. I’d already stopped for a light and turned before dipshit came strolling obliviously toward me. My 7yo has better bike etiquette than that dumb fucking kid.

  9. Jeff Elgharably

    🤣 Well you got A crown anyway. And how did the kid fare? Has he regained consciousness? And is it too soon to ask if you set the record for distance traveled over the handlebars?

  10. Chris Farhood

    He seemed better off than me, but he was clearly intimidated by my “WHAT THE FUCK DUDE”. Several cars stopped while I was sitting in the grass and the kid was yelling at them to go away in a weird way, almost like he was hiding something. Short of having a backpack full of cocaine I can’t imagine why he’d be so flippant to strangers asking if we needed help.

  11. Jeff Elgharably

    He probably was worried he'd get in trouble and panicked. Did he at least offer to help you or pay for your damages?

  12. Chris Farhood

    Hell no, he took off as soon as he could

  13. Jeff Elgharably

    Kids these days...