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Neighborhood shake out ride with Bike Barn demo SC Hightower

  • 3.5mi
  • 79ft
  • 31:09
    Moving Time
  • 151


  1. Paul C.
    Paul C.

    New bike?

  2. John Refford

    Paul Ceriani cracked the frame on my Stumpy. New Bike Day is coming soon. Checking out the Hightower.

  3. Paul C.
    Paul C.

    I remember that you cracked it, how do you like the Santa Cruz?

  4. John Refford

    Paul Ceriani dunno yet. Taking it to NY this weekend. Hitting trails in the Hudson Valley. Lots of variety. Good test.

  5. John Refford

    Paul Ceriani rode a Spesh Camber and it wasn't for me.

  6. Paul C.
    Paul C.

    I rode with you that day at Vietnam and remember you saying it wasn't up to par.

  7. John Refford

    Paul Ceriani that was a great ride. Rode Nam again last weekend with Richie and Fox and the speed demons tried to kill me.

  8. Paul C.
    Paul C.

    That was an awesome ride, Rich has a nice loop in there. I think I'm going to wompy this Sunday. Have fun in NY.