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Short recov on fabulous bluebird day

  • 10.0mi
  • 276ft
  • 38:47
    Moving Time
  • 461


  1. Brandon I.

    Cramping FWIW...my tri friend swears by these (or other hot mustard or hot sauce packets). Some research supports this but no personal experience...just passing it along...http://www.teamhotshot.com

  2. Doug Jansen

    Snake oil. Never seen so much hyperbole with a sports product. So many negative reviews, many where it makes people sick. There is no independent controlled study for this product. They keep the recipe behind a "proprietary" veil. Science doesn't work like that. I am done getting snookered into wasting money on things like this and will not try it.

  3. Brandon I.

    May very well be....the guy that passed it along says a hot mustard packet, tabasco or wasabi works as well. He claims there are clinicals (not tied to these guys ) that support the concept...who knows, can't say, buyer beware...

  4. Paul Spencer

    The concept looks like when you have a headache, and someone hits your finger with a hammer - you forget about your headache. Eat a big packet of hot sauce and you're not going to be worrying about your leg cramps!

  5. Brandon I.

    LOL...also putting a plastic bag over your head or taking a knife to stab yourself "relieves" cramping pain....having said that I am a perpetual sucker and will try the hot sauce. I'll let you know...