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Jesse Thomas

Bend, Oregon
  • 180
    Activities in 2018
  • 6,693.2
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 12308

Revving the engine! Next ride is a hard one! Oh yeah, here’s some pics of the new bike!

Ride October 13, 2017
  • 28.4mi
  • 1,007ft
  • 1:15:11
    Moving Time
  • 1,121
  • 20
    Relative Effort
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  1. Roger H.
    Roger H.

    It should be blue and gold! ;)

  2. Mc H.
    Mc H.

    Ride on!

  3. Chris Godwin
    Chris Godwin

    Oh you fancy huh?!

  4. Paul Giblin
    Paul Giblin

    Best of luck

  5. Brian Fogarty
    Brian Fogarty

    Best looking bike of Kona so far. Thanks for posting pics!

  6. Mike S.
    Mike S.

    ............. and some shameless promotion of Picky Bars! Mmmm......mmm......

  7. Simon  #Bike Fit Wales  V.
    Simon #Bike Fit Wales V.

    All the very best Jesse, stay safe and race smart.

  8. Guillaume G.
    Guillaume G.

    Thomas Gesse (my son ;-) ) and me wish you a good, strong and complete race ! Bonne chance et bonne course from France !

  9. Stefan G.
    Stefan G.

    cool one good luck.. but change the colour of the wheels..🤣🙊

  10. Shawn Claycomb
  11. Kyle McElroy
    Kyle McElroy

    Good luck and go get it!

  12. Brad Williams
    Brad Williams

    Still running 10 Speed Jesse? Kick some ass tomorrow!

  13. Drew C.
    Drew C.


  14. Tim W.
    Tim W.

    Smash it up Jesse Thomas. Wales is rooting for you! Huge fan base here. Good luck... race hard, race smart. 🏊🏼🚴🏼🏃🏽💨💨💨

  15. Chuck K.
    Chuck K.


  16. Luca M.
    Luca M.

    Go for it!!

  17. David Z.
    David Z.

    Best of luck man!

  18. Brent Darnell
    Brent Darnell

    Andrew Striley check it out

  19. john sullivan
  20. Miguel A. F.
    Miguel A. F.

    "Swim Hard, Ride Smart and Run With the Heart" by 🤘

  21. Luli Brolly
    Luli Brolly

    Smash it!

  22. Philippe Barzin
    Philippe Barzin

    The bike of Kona's 2017 winner!!!

  23. John Slocum
    John Slocum

    If good looking bikes can win Kona just go collect the big check now

  24. James M.
    James M.

    Best of luck for the weekend Jesse! James

  25. Jeff DeVries
    Jeff DeVries

    Smash it Jesse!

  26. gavin  poole
    gavin poole

    Good luck Knight Rider

  27. Austin L.
    Austin L.

    Crush it!!

  28. Joe L.
    Joe L.

    Go out there and kill that sh*t

  29. Lord R.
    Lord R.

    Go get it Bend-er 👍

  30. mike rickman
    mike rickman

    Rock that Ride! Then finish strong!

  31. Lode S.
    Lode S.

    Good luck, Jesse!

  32. Menno 'muli' V.
    Menno 'muli' V.

    What a space ship!!! Nice :-D

  33. Christiaan Raeymaekers
    Christiaan Raeymaekers

    What a machine. Go for it Jesse. Good luck 💪💪💪

  34. Gautier L.
    Gautier L.

    I don't like this frame, but your bike is very cool !

  35. Renata Odstrcilova
    Renata Odstrcilova

    Good luck, Jesse :-) !

  36. Steve Briggs
    Steve Briggs

    Nice bike! Best of luck on the competition!


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