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(1 of 2) Glacier Lodge

  • 21.9mi
  • 4,134ft
  • 1:39:48
    Moving Time
  • 1,402


  1. Matt DeViney

    Looks awesome there. Have you figured out how high you can ride in California? Paved, non-paved, trails? I'm curious, as Mt. Whitney isn't far from there. I know there's some seriously tall stuff.

  2. Ryan Wilson

    Rock creek is the highest paved at 10,200ft. It's actually right next to the second climb I did (pine creek). Whitney is only rideable up to the trailhead around 9k. After that it is illegal and the trail is probably not rideable anyways. There is one called white mountain which is also near here that has a rough, rocky and steep dirt road that leads to the summit at over 14k. There are a few that have done it and most say the last couple miles are hike-a-bike. I'm hoping to give it a shot this summer.

  3. Matt DeViney

    Sounds awesome. Hope you can make it out to road ride some 14ers here sometime.