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IM World Champs 2017 - Mostly solid, lots of solo riding, proud of this one!

  • 112.4mi
  • 4,222ft
  • 4:33:08
    Moving Time
  • 4,801
  • 279
    Relative Effort


  1. Tori P.

    I followed you. Amazing race. Congratulation! !

  2. Raffaele Acanfora

    All my respect...Grande Jesse...cheers from Italy !

  3. Andrew (Webbytime Wt) W.

    Top effort Jesse Thomas !!

  4. Dave M.


  5. Eje M.

    Well done. May the wind remain at your back

  6. Enrico B.

    Great job Jesse! Your suffer score is also low, you managed very well your bike

  7. James K.

    Nice one. Congrats. Respect. Thanks for sharing your data.

  8. Allison Ciosek K.

    Wow! I am always impressed. Super congrats on the effort and respectable finish.

  9. Torsten Murra

    Great job!! Tougher than Lanzarote??

  10. Chris S.

    Jesse Thomas hell of a race my man!

  11. Henrique C.

    Awesome ride, Jesse!

  12. Chuck K.

    Great job. Most of us couldn't make it to the grocery with a newborn at home. True grit.

  13. Brian F.

    Well done, Champ! Had fun cheering you on!

  14. Sayra Engh

    so much fun watching you compete!! awesome race, jesse.

  15. Ryan R.

    That’s just badass! 🙌🏻

  16. Alejandro Piñeiro

    Great job out there !

  17. Sheryl P.

    That’s fantastic!