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03/23/2014 King Range 50 @the Lost Coast

  • 49.9mi
  • 11,033ft
  • 9:43:16
    Moving Time
  • 11:41/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 0


  1. Jonas Oppedal

    Whoa! Impressive.

  2. Ⓑrian Ⓡ.

    Wow... I know there will be pics. Looking forward to seeing them. Tough 50 with all the climb in the second half.

  3. Andrew L.

    Whoa indeed! How were the tides?  No Rattlesnake Ridge?

  4. Leor Pantilat

    The tides are something you plan for; I planned accordingly and did the beach portion in the morning. The sections that are impassable at high tide are truly impassable. I put together the most aesthetic 50 mile loop that I could think of which did not include Rattlesnake Ridge. The intermediary connector trails like Rattlesnake and Spanish will be for further exploration.

  5. Michael Jimenez

    Dude! Impressive, agree can't wait to see the sights through your camera.

  6. Andrew L.

    @Leor- makes sense, hard enough to plan for tides when I did that backpacking trip. Rattlesnake Ridge is a "fun" climb- as in fun once you have finished. Awesome route all together.

  7. Brian Lucido

    WOW.  Impressive stats (must have been a great run)

  8. Nicolas Glatt

    Leor……you really are the shit. I saw your Thompson Peak/Wedding cake traverse in the Shasta T and it gave me the idea of doing the Klamath side of Thompson Peak in 5.5 hours. Thanks for the inspiration! You should head up one of these days to Etna and I can show you a 30 mile PCT traverse of the Marble Mountains! Epic.

  9. Leor Pantilat

    Nicolas, thanks! I have many ideas for the Trinities and your traverse sounds sweet! 

  10. Leor Pantilat

    Brian Lucido, thanks! It is an awesome route! 

  11. Kyle P.

    Leor, I'm looking to put together a 40 miler for Sunday in the Santa Cruz Mountains with lots of vertical. Any of your past activities you could point me to? I want to hit Skyline to Sea and Basin Trail. Thanks!!

  12. Leor Pantilat

    Kyle, how about this: http://pantilat.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/upper-pescaero-50k/   You could easily add on some mileage like Hollow Tree Trail in Big Basin to get to 40 miles and more elevation gain.

  13. Kyle P.

    Perfect! Thanks!