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Morning Ride

  • 44.9km
  • 198m
  • 2:11:56
    Moving Time
  • 1,549


  1. Graham Ramsay

    Is that magpie down the bottom of Boardman road Neil on your ride. Chased me last year for at least 400m. Probably further. Didn't give up.

  2. Neil Ennis

    No magpies today. I've been feeding any I come across. They don't seem to bother me after that.

  3. Graham Ramsay

    Seems the go. Or wear an cheap ugly mask like a goblin on the back of your helmet.

  4. Peter Whittle

    How do you feed them?

  5. Neil Ennis

    I just stop and give them some of my muesli bar. They love it.

  6. Peter Whittle

    You toss it to them?

  7. Neil Ennis

    Yeah - they're naturally curious. If I see one by the side of the path, I stop, look at it, yell out "Hey maggie - get this!" and chuck a crumb near it. Usually works.