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#28 South Downs 100... no 70... no 100!

  • 100.5mi
  • 5,712ft
  • 5:49:20
    Moving Time
  • 3,713


  1. Michael T.

    Chapeau Dave.

  2. Paul A.

    Nice one Dave. Thought about carrying on and doing the short route afterwards to get the 100 miles, but I was spent after thrashing it after Butser. Cracking time up Butser.

  3. Dave Chalk

    Thanks Michael

  4. Dave Chalk

    Thanks Paul, we just kept tagging bits on during the day... this left with 2 to do at the finish, so we just looped around the last bit again... after all, we are centurions!

  5. Malcolm F.

    Fantastic riding as per normal Dave. Thanks for the company & for towing me for the last 50😊

  6. Dave Chalk

    Such an enjoyable ride Malcolm, ditto re: your company, wouldn’t have been the same without you.