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SAGAN! (&tnpr)

  • 63.0km
  • 671m
  • 2:10:24
    Moving Time
  • 1,487
  • 44
    Suffer Score


  1. Carl Nielson

    Strava artist.

  2. Kevin Metcalfe

    Who is this Sagan guy???

  3. Chris Phipps

    He's not the best sprinter, best climber or best time trialist, but if the Tour de France were scored like an Omnium he would win it.

  4. Kyle G.
    Kyle G.

    Too much time. I want to see you do Cancellara

  5. Marcel Appelman

    Ha, I like how you the N.

  6. Wilson Tai

    Next you can draw the Gump victory dance of Stage 3.

  7. Colin D.
    Colin D.


  8. Derek Crovo

    Nice! Do you preload the course into your garmin or possess superhuman powers of spatial relations?

  9. Alison Tetrick

    So, I am kinda impressed, even though I don't want to be. Wow.

  10. Chris Phipps

    I had some time to kill before the park ride & thought of the idea on my way. Letters are easy to do on the fly, but a picture is much more complicated.

  11. Jason Ferrier

    You can do straight lines between points by stopping and then restarting your Garmin...

  12. Mário S.
    Mário S.


  13. Tiago B.
    Tiago B.

    Like a Boss!!!

  14. Cliff Macfarlane

    Sagan just posted this on Facebook. Legit