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Mare de deu del Mont, #Supernice

  • 146.6km
  • 2,618m
  • 5:25:52
    Moving Time
  • 4,845
  • 140
    Relative Effort


  1. Paul Vromans

    Gaaf, zo mooi 👍

  2. Raphael R.

    Ben White - Onyx RT

  3. Vicente López Juan

    Gracias Robert 👌

  4. Arie Hassink

    Goed bezig Robert

  5. Pieter B.

    Mooie rit! We hadden elkaar zo kunnen tegenkomen. Wij reden ergens net na 12 uur met de auto dat dammetje over net buiten anglades. Jij kent al die mooie kleine weggetjes en ik zit nog een beetje aan de veilige doorgaande wegen vast...

  6. Elliot V.

    Goede training!! 😙🚴

  7. 《 J M M 》 ..


  8. Clive K.

    Stop making it look so bloody nice!

  9. Juan Je Gracia Ambrosio

    Most beautiful bike ever! Wow! And amazing place! I wanna go there soon!

  10. Maite Monje 🌿


  11. Gavin D.

    Lovely looking route that! Muy bien!

  12. Jacqueline V.

    Great and beautiful route!!!! 😍

  13. Pau Sabater Planificat CT

    Great pictures Robert!

  14. Alieke Vos

    Afstandje wel zo in oktober! 👍

  15. Andres B.

    woow great pics!!

  16. Julian G.

    When I first spotted it the location of that house impressed me almost as much as the HC climb itself. Pleased you had much nicer Cycling weather and views than I managed in early August ‘17, albeit when I first climbed it, it was 30-34C, but I would never complain as it was an epic experience. The only place I recall where briefly experienced total silence on the upper slopes. Will be back next summer on annual family vacation and will hopefully climb it again, I would love to see (just) the Pyrenees from there. Thanks for the pics - headline one especially impressive - brings back some great recent memories of a special place. Pretty good climb time too Robert btw particularly so soon after your major fracture - take it easy and enjoy your Cycling as it shows in the pics you share with us. Best wishes for a full recovery 💪👌👍

  17. Pete Hager

    Awesome photos! Ur the man!

  18. Albert Ribot

    Muy buena ruta Robert Gesink !!! Veo que estas completamente recuperado 💪💪👌 Hoy me he cruzado una grupeta con George, no irias tu tambien? Salut & Cycling 🚴

  19. Bas Jansen

    In het voorjaar ook gereden met wielerbus.nl pittig klimmetje.

  20. Robert Gesink

    Julian Gronow - UCY Thanks for the Nice words! My pleasure to share!!!

  21. Ruud van Kooten

    Die beklimming hebben me vader en ik ook gedaan een jaar of 7 geleden! Alleen wij hadden boven bij de radio toren slecht zicht door de mist :(

  22. Joan Torres

    has hecho hasta 3 km de tierra !!!!!

  23. Bert de Wilde

    Wow, mooie foto's weer!

  24. Julian G.

    Robert Gesink - Much appreciate you taking the time out to reply. It’s my pleasure to follow your rides and training in a beautiful part of Spain. Keep up the good work and best wishes on the Pro Tour for 2018 - you have a great team with great team dynamics. Take it easy and good luck for next year. 👌