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GOGO - Tour de Tonopah 100K

  • 57.3mi
  • 820ft
  • 4:27:50
    Moving Time
  • 2,025


  1. Carol Galgano - ElliptiGO & ARC

    Looks like a good one!!! Congrats!!!

  2. Lyn Huston

    I was just getting ready to chastise you for not staying with me...Tonopah, NV is 130 miles from me. Not to mention I would totally have gone to Tonopah, NV to ride this with you. Then I looked at the map and realized it wasn’t Nevada.

  3. Jane LeGOre - ElliptiGO

    Thanks Carol - it was an interesting one!

  4. Jane LeGOre - ElliptiGO

    Thanks Lyn & you better believe if I were anywhere near you, you would've known before I got there! I can imagine that Tonopah, NV probably looks a lot like Tonopah, AZ...maybe even looks like Duckwater?...it was a test to how long I could GO on rough road with headwind & not much else other than cows & an occasional semi-truck. The Palo Verde Nuclear Plant was the main thing on the route for this bike event!