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Mark Aasmundstad

Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • 276
    Activities in 2018
  • 18,837.0
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 171

Dome road, bighorn sheep edition

Ride October 28, 2017
  • 193.4km
  • 2,688m
  • 7:22:21
    Moving Time
  • 5,112
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  1. Patrick R
    Patrick R

    That's a big fall ride!

  2. Bob Whisnant
    Bob Whisnant

    And a tough one!

  3. Jonathan N.
    Jonathan N.


  4. Mark Aasmundstad
    Mark Aasmundstad

    Fun ride, with great guides. Just made the 3:15 train!

  5. Mark Alex T.
    Mark Alex T.

    Glad to hear you made the train, I got my ride with no problems. Great ride today.

  6. Mark Aasmundstad
    Mark Aasmundstad

    Great ride Trem lett! The bighorn are being reintroduced to the Jemez, where they are native, but went extinct in the late 1800's from disease and overhunting. The 2011 Las Conchas fire created perfect habitat, open, grassy lands. NM Game and Fish brings the bighorns from near Wheeler Peek. This is the 10th herd the dept. has re established since 1978. Go bighorns!

  7. Bob Whisnant
    Bob Whisnant

    Yea, bighorns!🐏

  8. Craig Griffith
    Craig Griffith

    Awesome ride!!

  9. Mark Alex T.
    Mark Alex T.

    It’s safe to say that sightings like that are extremely rare. I’m really glad you flatted!

  10. Jimmy Guignard
    Jimmy Guignard

    I wanna do that ride.

  11. Mark Aasmundstad
    Mark Aasmundstad

    Jimmy, absolutely, come on out!

  12. Patrick R
    Patrick R

    Somebody invite me on the next on and I'll bring the pop-tarts.

  13. Jimmy Guignard
    Jimmy Guignard

    Might take me a year or two to get ready for it, Mark. By the way, planning to mtn bike in CO this coming summer.

  14. Mark Aasmundstad
    Mark Aasmundstad

    Patrick R, definitely, looking forward to riding together. Combine adventure with social fun, what a hoot! Jimmy, little by little, it will come. My novel probably will take even longer. I guess it is the journey that is the fun. Let me know about Colorado, and I still want to come ride in your woods, Firetower Road and all, see the wildlife.


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