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Palmetto Gravel

  • 39.0mi
  • 1,137ft
  • 3:39:46
    Moving Time
  • 1,264
  • 78
    Relative Effort


  1. Wallace H.

    Next time you do this route... hit me up. I am only in Lockhart... maybe 30 miles. I rode some gravel this morning.

  2. James Lopez

    They are not "organized" rides, just kind of "random" rides that come together.. We will usually set them up on San Antonio Gravel Grinders. You are welcome to join us. The roads out there, by the way, are nice and the park is nice.

  3. Brad S.

    So next time I don't see any organized rides I will hit you up to get something organized.

  4. James Lopez

    ....and we can ruminate about some random ride....... :)

  5. Pop May

    Nice.. not many riders out there. I've got a place in Ottine. Spittn distance from the park.

  6. James Lopez

    Pop May, you probably know more of the roads up there than I do, any suggested routes?