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171029 Fitz Epic 210kms ‘4030vm’ - ‘Alpine Audax’ - completed!

  • 211.7km
  • 4,128m
  • 11:21:57
    Moving Time
  • 6,436
  • 438
    Suffer Score


  1. Christopher Rowley

    Good effort bit windy out there

  2. Ian Parker

    Well done Dave. Your supposed to get off the bike after you go through the finish line!

  3. Adam Threlfall

    Great effort Dave

  4. Paul G.


  5. Wayne Donchi

    Excellent effort Dave... with the head winds.

  6. Eric Tse

    A massive Well Done - I didn't realise I'd gotten ahead of you, so was shocked when I saw you near the top of Corin (I was in the Sag Wagon - I had nothing left - but I figured you had a chance.) Thanks for the company.

  7. David Riddel 🚴🍻

    Thanks Eric — I knew that it was relatively ‘all downhill’ from Corin, and decided that I was going to finish, in the dark or within the time limit. By Cotter, I was relatively confident I had a chance of completing within the time limit (saving any mechanical or throwing up!). Thanks for the company and support—and better luck in 2018!

  8. Eric Tse

    Yeah only 7km of climbs to do.....I got to bottom of Corin having rested at Tharwa and drafted someone nice for 10km. Took 2 gels and drank and started up. Nothing. Absolutely one of the toughest climbs of my life. When you said you were fine the Sag wasn't too sure (you were at least 10k's behind the next 5-6) but I knew you had a shot - sheer guts and determination on your part.