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NYC Marathon. Couldn't muster the sub-3 this time, but not disappointed with my time/effort. 3rd best personal time for the distance.

  • 26.7mi
  • 3:00:23
    Moving Time
  • 6:47/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,328


  1. Anthony Kuchera


  2. Wayne Eckert

    Fantastic time Chas!! Congrats!

  3. Neil Wigginton (Gray Ghost)


  4. Wes Bryant

    Great race Chas!

  5. Lisa Marie B.

    Nice job Chas! Looking forward to hearing what you thought of it.

  6. Richard Floyd

    Congratulations!! Awesome job!

  7. Craig Sinbine

    Great job

  8. Chris Flaherty

    Really happy for you. Great job!

  9. Amber W.


  10. Dustin B.

    It’s a great time, chas. I️ cannot even imagine running a marathon that fast. Great job, brotha!

  11. Jay Seago

    Strava says you ran a 2:57:). Awesome job man!

  12. Bethany Salisbury

    💪🏻 amazing!

  13. Ashley Ackerman

    Nice work Chas! Great race

  14. Bryan Massingale

    WTG! Awesome race...

  15. Enrique Sanchez


  16. Chad Champion

    Fantastic race Chas! What a great time on a tough course. Those 3 last miles going into Central Park on tired legs are tough.

  17. Amber D.

    Went for the sub 3 as well, tough course. You finished right before me! Great job!