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Autumn’s Awesome Off-road Tracks with Tristan

  • 130.4km
  • 3,144m
  • 5:03:40
    Moving Time
  • 4,578
  • 151
    Relative Effort


  1. Hugo D.

    Indeed it is

  2. Judy Isvan

    😍 📷🚲

  3. Igor Shershakov


  4. Jeff Barco - <TEAM BikeMonkey>

    As always Robert... Nice photos. Are you shooting with a phone or do you tote along a small camera?

  5. Азер Мамедов

    Nice photis!!!

  6. Stijn Nijenboer

    Magnifique foto’s! 👌🏻

  7. Mike W

    Great shots

  8. Jithin M.

    So refreshing! :)

  9. Michel Nasr

    I wish lebanon was beautiful as spain

  10. @Uli C.

    Buen sitio

  11. Mozes Louwrier

    I want to be there toooooo

  12. Shiori Kawamura

    (°▽°)‼︎ 🍂🚴🍁It is just the autumn.

  13. Jon M.

    fantastic!! pic's ,thanks for them!!

  14. MANOLITO space

    Esta bien el camino de Sant Marri Sacalm para hacer con una road?

  15. MANOLITO space

    Y el de Mieres?

  16. Air Dvans :.


  17. Gé B.

    Wat ongelooflijk mooi daar.

  18. Valentí Oliveras 🎗

    Congratulations for not being just a professional cyclist but also a cycling lover. Enjoy our country, Robert.

  19. Wubbo 'Mr. Skør'n' Boiten

    Daar rijd je op proeven van de Rally Catalunya. 😁 Moet je eens met een dikke auto proberen

  20. Jonathan D.

    Prachtige foto's 👌 geniet er elke keer van. Prachtige omgeving waar je mag fietsen.

  21. Julian G.

    Great autumnal colours in image #1. My fave is #3 - has it all. Is the outcrop El Far - I recall seeing this dominant formation from Rocacorba summit - yes?

  22. Julian G.

    Oh and well done on the KOM - climbing strength appears well on the way - nice one Robert 👌