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An aborted #everesting

  • 199.8km
  • 7,367m
  • 11:44:50
    Moving Time
  • 7,678
  • 333
    Relative Effort


  1. Jason L.

    SO CLOSE!!! what caused the aborted effort???

  2. Jason Brown

    Well, I *thought* it'd be the weather - gusty wind and threatening to rain. But what really did for me was my front light cutting out. Looks like I vibrated it to death on the descents in the morning. It cut out on me on the last descent and put me in a pothole, which caused a puncture and a near-stack. So I called it. And now I'm getting drunk to commiserate with myself.

  3. Jason L.

    Great Effort Jason!

  4. Wade B.

    Awesome effort. All solo?

  5. Jason Brown

    Two repeats with random riders who happened by, but basically solo yeah.

  6. Wade B.


  7. Geraint M.

    Good effort, you've got me thinking about trying this. I've done 5000mts a couple if times and that destroyed me

  8. Kicky .

    Aborted yet inspirational nonetheless

  9. Guy C.

    I went up that hill once today to remind myself what it's like. Once was enough!