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Sunday to Market

  • 30.4mi
  • 1,598ft
  • 2:42:53
    Moving Time
  • 964


  1. Greg Masterson

    Nice city pics

  2. drew jackson

    Thx! My favorite route!

  3. Terrick Munn

    The scenic route. 📸

  4. Steve Rosser

    Yep! That's your route Drew!

  5. Steve Rosser

    I know J Lo made a deal with the devil. 👿 That woman is still ridiculously FINE!

  6. Roy S.

    BigPhoto. Losing KOM’s around here to Greg Masterson and Steve Rosser and losing photography credentials to BigDropProof/BigPhoto

  7. Steve Rosser

    😂 Roy, I just knew you were on that ride snapping pics. 😁

  8. Roy S.

    Wasn’t me Steve. Losing losing losing lately. That’s a good sign though cause after losing comes winning winning winning & more winning. BigPhoto was doing his thing. Kid got talent too

  9. Steve Rosser

    Lol. Yes Sir, those were some sweet pics! Making me proud to call the ATL home Drew Breezy! 😄

  10. drew jackson

    BigEasy, not appropriate for me to comment on J-Lo online😜. Still don't have nuddin' on the real BigSprintPhoto!

  11. Roy S.

    drew jackson you have surpassed BigSprint. You are now officially knighted SirBigPhoto

  12. drew jackson

    Nope! Not enough credentials to warrant such lofty title. We know who's the BigPhotoByTheLakeOnTheDockKing is!!!

  13. Roy S.

    No matter how u protest the evidence says that u r SirBigPhoto