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Best I’ve felt in a while. Need new Altra’s 👟

  • 10.2mi
  • 1:40:07
    Moving Time
  • 9:48/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,530


  1. Alex Miller

    I've been looking into altra's for a bit now. If you don't mind, which do you use and why do you prefer them?

  2. Jim Cooper

    Hi Alex - I love to talk about Altra’s. I had a torn Achilles from running in a different brand - thought I’d never run again. I over supinate and have a weird wide fore foot with narrow heels (try finding shoes for that.) Found Altra’s (zero drop) and worked my way into them (you need to give your Achilles time to adjust/stretch). Since then I can’t really use any other shoes. (I really want to use Hoka’s, but can’t 😢 ). I run in Paradigm (cushioned-Long runs), and One (racing flat - half-Marathon or less) on the roads - Olympus (cushioned) and Lone Peak (best trail shoe IMHO). Love the foot-shaped toe box, zero drop, and I *never get blisters* in them. I typically get 300 miles out of the road shoes and 4-500 out of trail shoes. I Love, Love, Love them.

  3. Alex Miller

    I appreciate the breakdown! I think I'm gonna try the lone peak or the Olympus pretty soon