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(Barefoot RSD 1048) I loved the river today, but I never found the groove for this run. I just relaxed and enjoyed a lazy run on the river.

  • 5.0mi
  • 59:08
    Moving Time
  • 11:46/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 600


  1. Stephanie H.

    That's kinda how my run was tonight, two phone calls and a road closure blocking my usual route caused so many interruptions that I never found a groove either. Still, I'm happy I got to run!

  2. Barefoot Teresa

    Absolutely, Stephanie Harvey! Getting in the run is good, even if the groove goes missing😊

  3. Laura R.

    Sometimes it happens. But a bad day running is still OK in my book.

  4. Geri L.

    A good day to be sure! I️ adore the Pieta.

  5. Elizabeth F.

    The birds sunning themselves is the best art out of those options in the photos from the river

  6. Ivonne Davis

    Glad we could get out even though it was as kinda meh for me too 💛

  7. Barefoot Teresa

    I agree, Laura Ready! A bad day of running is definitely better than a day with no running!

  8. Barefoot Teresa

    Oh, Geri L, isn’t the Pietá just amazing? The way the weight of Christ’s body is reflected in the sculpture, and the movement reflected in the folds of the fabric - Michelangelo was a genius.

  9. Barefoot Teresa

    I do like the design of the Mopac bridge, too, though, Elizabeth Fox. But my photo of water birds sunning themselves is more pleasant than your photo of birds eating a deer carcass😉

  10. Barefoot Teresa

    I though your run looked pretty good this particular day, Ivonne Davis! You are coming back so strongly!!

  11. Ivonne Davis

    Thank you Friend... you know how it feels when you re-start, like you’re dragging. Just trying to be like you 💫✨