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Teresa (Tiger) Beck

Escondido , California
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INYO Double Century 04/05/2014 Lone Pine, CA

Ride April 5, 2014
  • 197.6mi
  • 7,805ft
  • 12:58:07
    Moving Time
  • 5,946
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  1. Roehl Caragao
    Roehl Caragao

    Awesome ride!

  2. David Slaton
    David Slaton

    So, Teresa, tell us how it was.

  3. Loren S.
    Loren S.

    Looks like you guys were exactly 10 mins a head of me going back out on to 136. How was the finish?

  4. TJ Knight
    TJ Knight


  5. Teresa (Tiger) Beck
    Teresa (Tiger) Beck

    OMGosh, it was windy all day, but we all worked together as a team and pushed through the head winds, cross winds, we had open roads, and were able to use the road when needed. The views were just beautiful, all day long we saw beauty. The Horseshoe Meadows climb was hard, but not that long and it seemed difficult on paper but it was manageable. I really felt strong all day, I had so much power in the end that when I smelt the BARN I pushed up my speed like 3-4 miles an hour... :):)... I would say that this is a double that I will ride next year !!!!

  6. Teresa (Tiger) Beck
    Teresa (Tiger) Beck

    @ Loren Smith, I read your reply to one of the photos and felt bad that we didn't wait for you, we would have made sure you made it in. The 60 miles left was good, we had a cross wind that was coming from our back end so it felt like a tailwind with some strength challenges. Than tail winds to HWY 395, in the darn, it was much easier than when we did it during the day and the stars were so bright and so Bee-U-Tee-Ful. The 27 miles back to Lees Chevron was pretty good until about 10 miles to the end then we had head winds. We had Steve M with us and he pulled us for quiet some miles. A lot of team work was giving on the Test Ride, I mean a lot.

  7. Loren S.
    Loren S.

    no problem, took one for the team. get it next year for sure!

  8. Aj S.
    Aj S.

    Thanks Teresa for info. 8) Great ride...

  9. Steve (White Owl) M.
    Steve (White Owl) M.

    Tiger was crushing this ride all day!!!


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