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Feels so good! Riding the road bike with DH MTB shoes and dirt jump pedals.

  • 19.5mi
  • 2,121ft
  • 1:16:32
    Moving Time
  • 1,033


  1. Jamie M.
    Jamie M.

    Officially back in business for slow rolling. Thanks Jimmo.

  2. Kevin S.
    Kevin Susco

    Awesome. So good to have you back on the bike!

  3. Jamie M.
    Jamie M.

    Milestone ride for me, 100 percent enjoyable. No pain. 11 weeks from total Achilles rupture.

  4. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Awesome, great to hear!

  5. Bill L.
    Bill Lloyd

    Good to see you back at it! Did you decide to bike out a bear?

  6. Mike D.
    Mike D.

    Holy Crap, complete Achilles rupture!  How did that happen?  I like that ride through Martis out to Highland...  You have a place in Martis, or just "rolling through"?

  7. Jamie M.
    Jamie M.

    Backcountry ski accident. Just rolling through. Great riding on these side roads. No home at Martis.