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2017 JFK50: Proud to Be a Hypothermic American!

  • 51.1mi
  • 4,055ft
  • 8:29:41
    Moving Time
  • 10:29/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,363


  1. Steve Tucker

    Way to go!

  2. Jimmy Mac

    Thanks buddy! Hopefully I’ll be warmed up by Monday 🌧💦☔️

  3. Steve Neugebauer

    Nice job Jimmy Mac!!!!! Congrats...and you accomplished your 60 mile weekly running goal as well!!!

  4. Mike Coupland

    You guys really toughed it out there today! Well-done!!!

  5. Christopher Scarpitti

    A Beast Coast staple in the books. Congrats on JFK Jimmy Mac

  6. David Stango

    WooHoo! Congrats! Let's catch up this week Jimmy Mac.

  7. Phil Strong

    Rock on!

  8. Patrik Puhala

    Congrats man!

  9. Kelly Barber

    Well done Jimmy Mac! Way to hammer the climb out of the gate. How's that tow path?

  10. Keith Guinta

    You are a monster! And whoops - I thought these temps would have been good but I guess it was too cold? Or got wet maybe? 50 is a tremendous feat no matter how you slice it!!

  11. John Meyer


  12. Robb Lukens

    Congrats J. Mac!!!

  13. A C

    Nice man

  14. Sean O'Connor

    Awesome work!!

  15. Fred Campagna


  16. Chinyere Obasi

    Legit!! Very nice!!

  17. Nicolas Tyhurst

    Nice job

  18. Brian D

    Embracing the suck!

  19. Demo Stathis


  20. Kim D.

    Congrats Jimmy!

  21. Steve Due

    Huge year! Rest up and happy holidaze!

  22. Jimmy Mac

    Thanks everybody! All in all it was an awesome time and a huge learning experience for me- there’s always room for more growth with these things.