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Everest On Standard Cranks

  • 308.1km
  • 8,758m
  • 13:51:19
    Moving Time
  • 10,513
  • 409
    Relative Effort


  1. Emma M.

    I wondered who was going to be the first Qlder to do this!!! Congrats Keller, super effort!!! Everesting indeed - Mt Tamborine is yours :)

  2. Evan B.


  3. DT dotcom

    Proud of you mate, legend.

  4. Eric H.

    U r insane!!! Monster!! Love it

  5. The Nomad

    how did your garmin stay charged for that long?....epic

  6. Adam B.

    Well done Keller. Rest day today?

  7. Tim Barnard @CSC

    What a awesome achievement - an epic day that will be remembered

  8. Paul M.

    That is so mega

  9. Geoff M.

    Absolutely impressive

  10. Andrew H.

    "I rode with this guy once; Easter 2014 he ..."

  11. David Z.

    Incredible effort Keller! You will never be referred to as "soft" again

  12. Nick Z.

    No words can explain this...I'll be your bitch and you be my boss!

  13. Stephen Paterdis

    I've booked you in for a health check

  14. Kevin York

    Amaze balls - super human effort AK, well done.

  15. Justin Jewell

    .... nice

  16. Adam McC-Fatbastard

    wow just plan wow amazing job mate well done!!!

  17. Luke Cunningham @ Espresso Garage

    Absolutely amazing. Awesome achievement dude! How are the legs feeling today?

  18. Stefan D.

    A very special effort. Hope you had some saddle sore cream on

  19. Andrew Keller

    Who is free today to give me a sponge bath? I am broken.

  20. David Z.

    Cootha recovery reps this arvo?

  21. Andrew H.

    Forget the sponge just go the tea tree oil bath bomb and lots of steam.  Or so I'm reliably advised by MWF.  Even she's impressed.

  22. Peter W.

    Phenomenal, don't know why you wanted to do that but.... R.e.s.p.e.c.t.

  23. David Z.

    I think he may need your help Hughsey...as a Dr of course...

  24. Ric -.


  25. The ".

    WTF!!!!! If I'm a mountain goat dude your a mountain goat fused with the DNA of a gleaming golden glorious EAGLE!!!!!!!!

  26. Scott J.

    You are crazy! Amazing ride Keller.

  27. Joris V.

    I'm so jealous.

  28. Andrew Keller

    Don't be Joris. You can move like a human.

  29. Joris V.

    I still am.

  30. Andrew Keller

    Joris if you happen to be near Hawaii on your adventures this climb is screaming for it. 3 reps and you're done, easy.

  31. Joris V.

    Hahaha, I don't even have to look at the link, I already know what you're talking about and it was already on my favourite segments list. Yes, good excuse to go to Hawaii.

  32. Andrew Keller

    I would be super keen to go there and do ONE ascent. And then just sit on a beach with beer(s) and eat.

  33. DT dotcom

    That would be one cold, soggy hamburger by the time Zimmers delivered to base camp

  34. Andrew Keller

    Haha. I would be concerned how far into the bibs it could wriggle over a 60K descent.

  35. Anthony Diacos

    I am putting you forward for Tony Abbott's first knighthood!!! Phenomenal Achievement Keller. I almost want to ask you out to do a Mt Gravatt in the hope that I may finally get to the top before you but I am still nervous I wouldn't...

  36. Eric H.

    only other person i can think of that has epic rides like this is @joris!!! Looks like a battle in on the cards!!!

  37. Tom Adams ||| NBRCC

    Bloody awesome mate. Awe inspiring!

  38. Muzz M

    No fundraising mate? Mowen raised $25000 for cancer with his 51 Cootha back loops. I didn't even know you were doing this.

  39. beej albany - @cyclingacross

    this is heroic stuff mate KUDOS!!

  40. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Well THAT came out of nowhere! Freaking awesome! Just adding it to the www.everesting.cc Hall of Fame now...!

  41. Andrew Keller

    @ Muzz @ Andy. Yeah I decided to do this at lunchtime on Saturday. The plan was to do it Monday, but it got rained out. I imagine if I had really thought it out I wouldn't have proceeded.

  42. Lachlan Murray @ PLANET-PCS RACING

    Welcome to the club. Finally another queenslander!!

  43. James Dodd

    No wonder you didn't want to ride today. Inspiring effort.

  44. Correy Edmed

    Why ?

  45. Andrew Keller

    More easily achievable than 4x under 7:51 Correy.

  46. Andrew H.

    You have no idea the imaginations you've sparked off Keller

  47. Andrew Keller

    Haha good, let them "enjoy" it as I have.