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Off the plane and racing Driveway Austin...so freakin' hard, but real fun!

  • 82.3km
  • 46m
  • 2:47:00
    Moving Time
  • 3,069


  1. Lig .

    The one time I don't race driveway I miss Tim Johnson!

  2. Bobby J.

    It was a hot one today, huh?

  3. Rob Kane

    Thanks for coming out.

  4. Tim Johnson

    Fast and faster...you guys are lucky to have such a cool event to flock to!

  5. Jesse Gaudet

    "So freakin' hard, but real fun" sums up the Driveway perfectly!

  6. Strava A.

    Hi Tim! Keep up the good work! Can you say a big thanks to Lyne for me for the pictures and the word. I am happy to hear she's got a good outcome with her knee. Philippe

  7. Jerry Bueno

    It was very cool seeing you out there!

  8. Parker H.

    hope you get to see the motogp sunday!